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A logo or commercial graph is practically the face of the company. What happens when you send an invitation on Facebook and you do not have a profile picture? The first thing you will generate is a great deal of distrust and you may not accept it as a friend, it is exactly the same effect, a commercial image generates confidence in the customer that you are interested in your services or products.

Paul Brand said: "Design is the silent ambassador of your brand." Make your brand your best seller.

When we have been with a client offering this service many times the most common argument to listen is:

"I have Facebook and there I publish everything I want" and commonly when I go to the facebook page if it reaches 500 likes it is a lot, but sometimes, maybe because the client spends more time than normal in the social network, can reach 1000 or 1200 likes.

In spite of the fact that we offer the service of management and administration of social networks we understand that networks is not a seller of products or a seller of services, from all the likes received, 10% are potential clients, and the word that you have to understand in this lecture it is "potential", they are not safe clients, they are lead that the social media are providing to you.

What leads the customer to trust a company to make a payment or invest their money? Would any serious customer pay for a service through Facebook? What gives the company a state of formality ?, these questions has a simply answer,  the company has to have presence in the global information network, they need A FORMAL WEBSITE OF THE BIDDER COMPANY.

It is true that Facebook connects you with people, understanding that it is THE BEST PROMOTER OF A PRODUCT, and thats the main reason because you need social network marketing movement, but a promoter is not a seller, social networks will put you in the eyes of the huracane, but who sells and closes the deal is THE SITE WEB, in the absence of a PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE, in 95% of cases the sale falls.

A company without a website with all the information of your product or services and with local information and direct communication with the company in question will very rarely break out in sales, if you want to specifically reach the center of the market that attacks your product, that alone and can only be done WITH A PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE.

We do not deny the great importance of social networks in the world of the Internet, but everything has its place, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, among many known, its importance is to find the potential customer and connect with your product, for say it in a way, It is a display of taste in the global information network, it connects you, it gives you a taste but it does not sell your product or service.

Now the question is, what it is the bridge between the customer and you?  supposedly you must connect your social network with a web page that explains your offer, in such a way that convinces the client, to achieve more POTENTIAL CLIENTS.

A formal company´s social network can not be satisfied to have 500 or 1000 likes, that almost always are only your friends or friends of your friends, and just only that, if you continue like that it will never be possible to improve efective sales, that's why a trained person in basic principles of network marketing in this service is required,  to concentrated in your social networks in potencial clients and know how to manage the consumer market so that your company will be in the eye of everyone who fits the needs that the customer are looking for.

A monthly campaign of your social networks connects you with the clients, and a social mannager directs you to the seller, the web page, without investment or movement in your social network and without clients that enter your website in search of understanding your product you will only have a profile floating on the internet, without any impact, a serious and formal social network, is managed by a consultant in the matter and promoted in such a way that sales increase to more than 200% because they will only enter your website which He is already determined to buy.

Social networks is a great tool, but without economic investment is just a page of electronic paper bond floating in the limbo, without any influence and without acquisition capacity, a formal company will not let its image be without public effect, because obviously our intention undertake is to sell, that is why Philip Kotler would say "When entering the 21st Century, the main advances in Marketing can be summarized in a single theme ... THE CONNECTIVITY"



$ 600.00
  • Dynamic Web Site
  • 6 Internal Pages
  • Photos and Video Galeries
  • Comunication Page
  • 1 Year Free Server
  • 5 Emails 


It Depend

  • Home Page
  • Comunication Page
  • Social Network Links
  • May contain images, videos and audios
  • 1 Year Of Service 


$ 750.00
  • Logo Design
  • 2 Video Promo for Instagram and 2 For Facebook
  • Letterhead Pages , envelopes and business cards
  • WEB Standard
  • Publicity Designs for Social Networks


$ 150
  • Facebook and Instagram
  • Professional Commercial Image for Social Networks
  • 2 Daily Publications
  • 1 Advertising Campaign every 2 months
  • Monthly payment












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